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30 July 2015

Dusk Patterns XIII

Dusk Patterns XIII

27 July 2015

Castaway reflections

Castaways Beach just before sunset.

Castaways Beach QLD - July 2015

26 July 2015

Sunrise Beach

This was my first opportunity to have a look at my new 16-35mm f4 lens just out the front door this evening. More than anything I was glad to have some clouds to help with the long exposures and I'm pretty happy with the outcome.

Sunrise Beach - 26/07/2015

19 July 2015

Noosa Beach

The lovely people from AAMI replaced my camera this week and I went for a 6D with a 16-35mm f4L lens. Took the 6D for a trip to Noosa Main Beach this afternoon with my Lensbaby Composer (with single glass). 

Noosa Main Beach - July 2015

06 July 2015

The death of a 5dmkII

This is the very last image made by my long loved and trusty Canon 5d MkII. At Noosa Spit with friends, looking forward to capturing some long exposure sunset images about 30 seconds after this image was made I slipped in the rock pool I was standing in and over went the tripod and camera. It happens! All I have to do is navigate the insurance company red tape to see what solution can be found. I'm hopeful for a 5d MkIII but suspect I'll have to settle for a 6D, lets see what happens.

Noosa Spit - 05/07/2015